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“From Farmers, to the Farmers”

Bhartiya Krushak Kranti Ltd is incorporated as public limited company on 1st may 2016 registered under Companies Act, 2013. It is closely held company. All shares are held by 7 shareholders; all the shareholders are women.

Mission of the Company –

"To nurture happiness and wealth of farmers and clients."

Visions of the Company –
  • Be the best in customer relations and in service.
  • Be the global leader in agricultural as well as in service industry.
  • Achieve a very successful IPO in 2026.
  • Be a best in corporate governance.
  • Be a leader in social responsibilities
Values of the Company –
  • Honest
  • Accuracy
  • Perfect
  • Passionate
  • Youthfulness

If we look after the values of the company it is showing HAPPY word and which is very closed to our mission statement.

This company was formed in 2016 by CA Rahul Kulkarni, Sushil Vinayak Kulkarni, Vitthal Janardhan Solanke and other 7 farmers and decided to start trading activities in grains but due to change in subscriber’s and change in board of directors of the company, company has decided to enter into two segments where the directors are having more than 10 years of experience. These two segments are service segment and seeds and fertilizers segment.

The directors CA Rahul Kulkarni and Mr. Sumit Thakur are having more than 10 years of experience in service segment and Ashwini Kulkarni, Sushil Kulkarni and Vithal Solanke are having more than 10 years of experience in seeds and fertilizers segment.

Up to March 2019 company was having one shop located at sailu Dist Prabhani and two offices located at Pune and other at Sailu DIst Parbhani. Pune office is head office of the company detailed address is Office no. 2A, B, Vishwakamal Complex, GP 65, G block, Thermax Chowk, Behind Surya Electronics, Chinchwad MIDC, Pune 411019.

In April 2019 company decided to expand and started one outlay of seeds and fertilizers segment in Manwat Dist Parbhani. Manwat is center place and surrounded by 54 villages and having more than 40,000 hectors land under cultivation and near about 75% population depend upon farming. Hence company has received tremendous response in Manwat taluka with this experience of Manwat, company decided to start outlays at various important places by view of agricultural business in Parbhani district and in February 2020 company started its third outlay at Pathri Dist Parbhani and in the month of May 2020 even though the lockdown was there company has started its fourth outlay at Bori, Tal Jintur Dist Parbhani. Further the company has started one service segment office at Aurangabad.

In this pandemic situation the entire business world was suffering to survive but central as well as state government classified seeds, fertilizers and pesticides segment as necessity of the society and we are happy to share that all our four outlays were serving to thousands of farmers.

Currently company is having near about 15 dealer ship of various seeds, fertilizers and pesticides manufacturing companies and with the help of additional working capital company can get more dealer ships in to its basket.

All the directors of the company are very much confident about its service segment also because company is serving more than 500 satisfied clients. After this lockdown company’s service segment will boom again because Aurangabad office will play important role in the growth of the company.

Rahul Kulkarni

Rahul Kulkarni

Chartered Accountant
Chairman, Director
Sumit Prakash Thakur

Mr. Sumit Prakash Thakur

M Com, CA (Final)
Secretary, Director
Sushil Kulkarni

Mr. Sushil Kulkarni

MSC in Computer Management
Key Person
Sushil Kulkarni

Mr. Vithal Solanke

Key Person

Bhartiya Krushak Kranti Ltd is having three directors in its board of directors; following is list of the directors and core committee members, their qualifications and designations.

Sr. No.
Name of the Director / Committee Members
1 Mr. Rahul Subhash Kulkarni Chartered Accountant Chairman, Director
2 Mr. Sumit Prakash Thakur M Com, CA (Final) Secretary, Director
3 Mrs. Ashwini Sushil Kulkarni MSC Botni Director

All above mentioned are the real pillar of the said company. Their contribution and profile mentioned as follows.

1) Mr. Rahul Subhash Kulkarni :-

By profession Mr. Rahul is a chartered accountant; he joined the CA community in the year 2011 by passing CA final examination. Since then he is doing practice as a chartered accountant, he is also a full-time partner in ASKY and Co (Chartered Accountants) having more than 10 years of experience in the same field. He is also one of the founder members of Classicus Décor Pvt Ltd and Impower Virtual Knowledge hub LLP.

He loves to do work in a systematic manner and professionally. His core area is project funding and financing, during the period of 10 years of experience he almost did more than 30-35 proposals of project funding from nationalized, private banks. Also he looks after the banks statutory audit, Internal audit, concurrent audit, tax audit, co-operative banks audit.

Currently he is acting as Chairman of the Bhartiya Krushak Kranti Ltd with very much passion and confidence. All the directors as well as core committee members do believe that his performance will be set as mile stone in the future for forthcoming chairman.

CA Rahul Kulkarni is having very good social as well as commercial network, he is serving president of Rotary Club of Dehu Road. He is secretary of RRN PCMC i.e. Rotarians Referral Network in which referral business activity conducted on weekly basis.

He is also associated with BNI i.e. Business Network International a global forum for businessman.

2) Mr. Sumit Prakash Thakur : -

Mr. Sumit is acting as secretary of the Bhartiya Krushak Kranti ltd. He is completed his M-COM from Pune University, thereafter he also passed out CA-Intermediary examination in the year 2008. He started his practice in to finance consultancy and secretarial work. He started his practice in association with ASKY and Co (Chartered Accountants), he almost handled all the consultancy and accounting part of the clients of ASKY and Co. He is having almost 10 plus years of experience in this field.

He looked after all the accounting work, secretarial work, administration work of the company. He loves to do work in proper and systematic manner, further company is expanding its service segment branches with keen observation of Mr. Sumit. Currently company is having two offices one is head office in Pune and other is in Sailu. In the month of February company is expanding its wing in Aurangabad city.

3) Mrs. Ashwini Sushil Kulkarni :-

Mrs. Ashwini was appointed as director in the FY 2018-19. She had completed her MSC Botni, she is very much aware about seeds research and its growth after plantation. She is very useful to the company from the point of view of choice of seeds of various company available in the current market.

4) Mr. Sushil Vinayakrao Kulkarni (Core Team Member) :-

Mr. Sushil is very vital and important role in the company for companies’ future development and expansion. He is acting as growth co-ordinator and he provides all the future opportunities in trading segment to the chairman of the company.

He is completed his MSC in Computer management hence he is very much aware of latest technologies which are helping us update and present in the market in competitive situation also. Mr. Sushil and Mr. Vithal both are having 10 plus years of experience in trading segment.

Mr. Sushil is utilizing his experience is finalization of location for seed and fertilizer outlay, he has finalized candidate after taking interview in which basic and advance knowledge about agriculture of the candidate were evaluated.

Further Bhartiya Krushak Kranti has having 15 teammates in service segment and 4 teammates in seeds and fertilizer segment.

5) Mr. Vithal Janardhan Solanke (Core Team Member) :-

Mr. Vithal is acting as vice chairman of the Bhartiya Krushak Kranti Ltd. The responsibility of vice chairman has been given due to his following qualities -

  1. Accurate decision-making power,
  2. Handling of issues very calmly,
  3. Remained stable in panic situation,
  4. Having 10 plus years of experience in the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides business.

Mr. Vithal is responsible person who is managing the purchase and sales of the trading segment of the main branch at sailu and all other outlays located at Manwat, Pathri, Bori and will be expand in future as per board of directors' decisions. His role as vice chairman is very important from the point of view of customer reach of the company.

With result of these four outlays and by considering manpower of the company, company has target to start at least six more outlays in the year 2020-21 at Parbhani and Jalna district.

After ten outlays company will think about its manufacturing plant for PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) and Godown. For this purpose, in march 2020 company has purchased 2 acres of land situated on National Highway 548B at Gugli Dhamangaon, Dist Parbhani which is 8 km far from Sailu. In future, if more expansion is needed one of the directors of the company is holding near about 60 acres of land with his family surrounding to current land purchased by the company.

With the optimistic view company will expand its wings in entire Maharashtra in near future in both the segments.

As we keep saying, BKK is a team of farmers who are working in the favour of farmers. Most of the farmers don’t get the chance to decide their market value which makes it extremely difficult to get desired cost. One of the main reason for this is monopoly of the agents who buy the production of the farmers. This is what we are looking to stop. So What we will do? We will cut down the chain of agents and stop monopoly. Yes, you read that right. BKK is going to make the Farmer a king by enabling them to take their own decisions. So how we will do it? BKK is bringing seller and buyer together, we are creating a platform for all the farmers to sell their production directly to the buyer which will enable them to decide their cost. This will eventually cut-down the current long chain of retailers, wholesalers and agents which are affecting the cost.

BKK is team of farmers and we definitely know the issues we as a farmers face each year. Agriculture industry is full of uncertainty hence we need to forecast each and everything carefully. BKK will help farmers understanding the various opportunities to earn in the Agriculture industry. Our focus will be to educate farmers to think like a businessman I.e. invest smartly and earn smartly. Most of the farmers today are unable to repay the loans due to which they don’t get their next loan and eventually fall short of investment. This in turn affects the business cycle and affects the earnings of farmers. BKK team is a group of smart people, many of us are professional CA’s and understands the value of investment perfectly.

Due to various business strategies and monopolies, prices of Seeds & Fertilisations are high. This leaves farmer with a greater burden in the basic production cost and thus became extremely difficult to survive in this cut-throat competition. Farmers with a small land can’t afford good quality seeds and fertilisation hence they can’t take large productions in their lands. BKK is going to reduce this costs again by cutting down the chain system. We are going to get the seeds and fertilisers directly from manufacturers so that it will be available at a cheaper cost than the market. Farmers can even adopt this as a business opportunity too and start their extra income source. We will be conducting various workshops for farmers to educate them about quality seeds, fertilisers, business opportunities, rain water harvesting etc. “Together, we can create a better future”